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National Su-Ao Marine and Fisheies Vocational High School

Department of Fishery

Education Objective


To match economic construction and development of our nation.


To cultivate students to be specialized experts in the field of fishery resource exploitation, fishery administration and management.


To emphasize the knowledge and technique of fishing and navigation.


Students to be expected to form good habits and right opinions for sound personalities and responsibilities in the work field.



National required professional and practice Subjects:

Navigation, Seamanship, Fishing Gear and Fishing Methods, Fishing Ground, Marine Biology, SCUBA Diving, Oceanography and Marine Meteorology, Fishery Management, Apparatus of Fishing Vessel, Fishery Statistics.


School required and elective Subjects:


            Computer Science, Fishery Regulations, Post-harvest

            Preservation, Fishery Administration, Seminar.


Teaching Facilities

Practice Room of Fishing Gear, Exhibition Room of Fishing Vessel & Fishing Gear, Chart Room, Apparatus Room of Fishing Vessel.

Specialization in Education


Students are required to make one voyages at sea for one weeks on Yu-ying fishery training ship.


In line with the requirement of marine recreation by the public, the use of fishing boats for recreational fishing activities will be increased, thus enhance the training of operating small boat and recreation fishing.


Placement and Advanced Study


To foster talents in fishery business management.


To have an officer position in fishing vessels or merchant ships.


To have a position in some fishery corporations.


To encourage students to pursue further academic study in colleges or universities after they finished high school study.